Registration is open!

National Capital History Day is now accepting registrations for student projects.

Just go to this site and fill in the information.

Registration for National Capital History Day 2015 is now open!

Registration for National Capital History Day 2015 is now open!

A few things to remember:

– The registration deadline for all projects is now Friday, March 13. This has been moved up from the original April 1 date in anticipation of increased numbers.

-Students in all categories must register their projects any time between now and March 13. Remember that if you are entering the Essay or Website categories, you must also send us your paper or URL on or before March 13 (the registration form will tell you where to send that info, don’t worry). This is because judges must read and review essays and websites before the competition on May 1 in order to conduct meaningful interviews with students and provide thoughtful feedback.

-If you are entering the Documentary, Drama or Exhibit category you do not need to produce your project until the May 1 event, but you must register the project before the March 13 deadline.

-Please remember that if you register your project, you are expected to be present to discuss it with judges at National Capital History Day on May 1 at Carleton University.

For more information about registration and National Capital History Day in general, please see our FAQ, or contact us by email at ottawahistoryday [at] if you have any pressing queries.

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