Check your rulebook!

As students are busy putting last-minute touches on their projects and preparing for interviews with the judges, now is a good time to remind everyone about the importance of reading the National Capital History Day rulebook (the photos on the cover of the rulebook, which was designed by Tegan McGregor, are all from NCHD14).

You can download a copy here. The rulebook contains a lot of useful information about the contest in general, but also about each specific category.

It also offers a full description of this year’s theme, Leadership & Legacy in History, and how your project needs to reflect that theme. For example, the rulebook notes:

“The key thing to think about is a leader’s significance in history. Ask yourself: so what? Does this person really matter? Was there real change that occurred because of his or her leadership? What was the impact on people, society, economics or government? How did it affect what people thought or did, or maybe how people think or act today? Consider both the short-term and long-term impact. Remember that examining the context and historical significance of your topic is a crucial part of the research process that also will help you strengthen and support your thesis.”

And don’t forget that each category has its own set of rules. Every project, for example, must have a title page (you can find details about what it should look like on page 6 of the rulebook). And all projects, except essays, must have a 500-word process paper that sheds light on four key elements:

“1. how you chose your topic; 2. how you conducted your research; 3. how you selected your presentation category and created your project; and 4. how your project relates to the NCHD theme.”

At the back of the rulebook, starting on page 11, you’ll find a handy checklist for each category. It’s a good idea to review this before May 1 to make sure you have everything in order before the contest starts.

Make sure you read the rulebook before you put the finishing touches on your project!

Make sure you read the rulebook before you put the finishing touches on your project!

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