Students: Sign up for NCHD16 workshops

With less than two weeks to go, the days until National Capital History Day 2016 are flying

by! We look so forward to seeing all your incredible projects.

As you put the finishing touches on your work, we have one last task for you to do in

preparation for the competition. It’s a fun one, promise.

This year’s workshops are now open for registration! The link to the survey has been

sent out to each participant. If you have not yet received this link, please e-mail us and

we will get it to you as soon as possible.

We’ve listed most of our workshops in a previous post but we have two more to add

before you make your final decisions (both have already been included in the survey).

First, Think Like a Curator! A workshop presented by the Canadian War Museum. If

museums are your thing, then this workshop is for you! Learn what it takes to create an

exhibition on the First World War by using artefacts, art, photographs and other primary

sources to create your very own. Who knows, you might even find inspiration for next

year’s project!


Back by popular demand, KAIROS Canada will once again be presenting its workshop, “Indigenous History: An Interactive Timeline.” Don’t forget to sign up for your preferred workshops in this year’s National Capital History Day. Photo by Jana Chytilova, National Capital History Day.

Second, Entre littérature et histoire de la Nouvelle-France: éditer Les lettres canadiennes (1700-

1725), a French workshop offered by Sébastien Côté of the French department at

Carleton University. An ideal workshop for any immersion students amongst this year’s

competitors, this workshop will offer the opportunity to read through some never-before

published French-Canadian letters from the 18th century with an expert in the field. Who

knows what you will discover in these mysterious manuscripts … Sign up to for the

chance to find out!

These, along with the workshops already listed, can all be found in the survey sent out

yesterday. To register, simply fill in your top choices numbered 1-10 and we will do the


Though we will try our best to get you into your top choice, we have to juggle all

workshop registrations with interview times so choose your top three wisely.

This year’s workshop leaders are certainly excited, we hope you are too!

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