This year’s keynote speaker: Mark O’Neill

National Capital History Day is very excited to announce this year’s keynote speaker: Mark O’Neill.

Mark O’Neill is President and CEO of the federal Crown Corporation that operates the Canadian Museum of History and the Canadian War Museum, Canada’s largest and most visited museums.

As the leader of the only national institution with a mandate to present the history of Canada, Mr. O’Neill understands the important role that history plays in the world and the need for museums to courageously present the stories of our past.

“Museums must forge links between the present and the past to show that the legacy of history is alive, relevant and continually unfolding in our lives today,” says O’Neill. “Confronting our historical successes and failures is a critical part of helping people to understand where we come from, so they can decide how we should move forward.”

Mr. O’Neill grew up in Ottawa and attended Carleton University, where he studied political science and Canadian studies. He has worked for more than 30 years for the Government of Canada in the Departments of the Secretary of State, Multiculturalism and Citizenship, Justice and Canadian Heritage.

We are honoured to include Mr. O’Neill in this year’s event … which is now only a few days away!


Mark O’Neill is the keynote speaker for National Capital History Day 2017.

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