Congratulations to our NCHD17 winners!

Another National Capital History Day is now history…but what a day it was!
Incredible projects and participation … and a new school as reigning champion — congratulations to Nepean High School for taking this year’s National Capital History Day trophy.
And congratulations to all the students, teachers and students who took part this year. We’ll be sending out feedback surveys to all our students and judges in the next few days.
Thanks again to everyone who participated in National Capital History Day 2017!
National Capital History Day 2017
Here is the official list of this year’s winners as determined by our judges, and confirmed by NCHD Registrar Alison Peters:
Junior English Website: Nyatoang Both, St. Paul
Senior English Website: Max Caspi-Roy, Nepean
Junior French Website: no entry
Senior French Website: no entry
Junior English Performance: Nathan Styles, Osgoode
Senior English Performance: Paola Zamora, Canterbury
Junior French Performance: John Swayty, French
Senior French Performance: no entry
Junior English Documentary: Scott Olsen, Osgoode
Senior English Documentary: Zineb Nour, Nepean
Junior French Documentary: no entry
Senior French Documentary: no entry
Junior English Exhibit: Julia Cataldo, St. Paul
Senior English Exhibit: Pascale Malenfant, Canterbury
Junior French Exhibit: no entry
Senior French Exhibit: no entry
Junior English Essay: Isabella Crysler, Nepean
Senior English Essay: Elizabeth Adler, Nepean
Junior French Essay: no entry
Senior French Essay: Lucy Boyd, Canterbury
Overall school winner (as determined by a combination of participation and winning projects): Nepean High School
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