Research help

Need research help? You’ve come to the right place.

We have five academic mentors who are at your service whether your project is in English or French or you’re entering an essay, exhibit, performance, documentary or website.

Dr. Matthew Bellamy of Carleton UniversityMs. Romaine Honey, a librarian who specializes in local history and genealogy at the Ottawa Public Library, Dr. Dominique Marshall, chair of Carleton University’s History Department, and research archivist Catherine Butler of Library and Archives Canada, are kindly offering their assistance to teachers and students involved in National Capital History Day.

Dr. Matthew Bellamy is our Carleton University liaison — and he's here to help you!

Dr. Matthew Bellamy is our Carleton University liaison — and he’s here to help you! Photo courtesy of Matthew Bellamy.

Dr. Bellamy can help you by:

• putting you in touch with historians who are experts in your topic

• connecting you to Carleton professors who can offer tips on primary and secondary sources

• helping you find a Carleton historian who is willing to be interviewed, either for background information or for a formal interview to be included in a documentary or website

You can contact Dr. Bellamy here.

Students and teachers may also contact librarian Romaine Honey at the Ottawa Public Library, too.

Ms. Honey is a veteran reference librarian at both government and public libraries and she can help with:

Ms. Romaine Honey is a librarian specializing in local history & genealogy at the Ottawa Public Library. Contact her to set up a tour of the library's research facilities — tailored your class's research interests — and get great research tips and advice to make your project stand out in the crowd.

Ms. Romaine Honey is a librarian specializing in local history & genealogy at the Ottawa Public Library. Contact her to set up a tour of the library’s research facilities — tailored your class’s research interests — and get great research tips and advice to make your project stand out. Photo courtesy of Romaine Honey.

• Historical newspapers, digitized and/or  microfilm (e.g. Globe and Mail, 1844 to date; Ottawa Journal 1885 – 1990; Ottawa Citizen 1840s – to date)

• Historical print periodical collection

• Census publications 1921 – 2011

• Online subscription databases for secondary research, e.g. Academic OneFile, Canadian Newsstand, Canadian Periodical Index, Canadian Points of View, Ancestry

• Ottawa Room local history collection, e.g. historical collection of published materials on Ottawa area; municipal documents; maps

And she can also assist students who would like to use the Imagine Space at the library’s Nepean Centrepointe branch, where they can get help in laser cutting, professional-level video, audio, and photo editing, green screens and even a 3D printer!

Ms. Honey is also willing to arrange special tours of the library’s facilities for any teacher who would like to take a class trip to explore research tools for National Capital History Day projects. Not only can she show you where to find the best material for your research, but she can also tailor your class visit to the topic you’re exploring.

Teachers who would like to set up a class trip or students who would like research assistance can contact Ms. Honey by email at romaine.honey [at]

Dominique Marshall, Chair of Carleton University’s History Department and past President of the Canadian Historical Association, is also available to assist students working on projects in French. Dr. Marshall can help you:


Dr. Dominique Marshall addresses students and teachers at National Capital History Day 2015. Dr. Marshall is available to help students who are working on projects for French categories. Photo by Jana Chytilova, National Capital History Day.

• find original French sources for your project so you don’t have to translate from English sources

• locate primary and secondary sources in French

• find experts and academics who are willing to be interviewed, and appear on camera, in French

• solve problems related to the study of documents in French

• with projects on all topics, but Dr. Marshall has special expertise in children’s rights and humanitarian aid to Africa (1920-65), the Child Welfare Committee of the League of Nations, social policy, welfare and the history of families, 19th and 20th-century Quebec, the history of disability and the history of Carleton University.

You can reach Dr. Marshall here.

Students can also call on Catherine Butler, a reference archivist at Library and Archives Canada. Ms. Butler can:

• help students and teachers access archival records, including digitized and non-digitized material

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 9.25.23 PM

Research Archivist Catherine Butler is available to assist students seeking documents at Library and Archives Canada. Photo courtesy of Catherine Butler.

• help students and teachers navigate LAC’s archival databases

• help students and teachers with access to resources such as Heritage Canadiana, British colonial records, documents relating to New France and Canadian military heritage

• help teachers organize special tours of Library and Archives Canada

You can reach Ms. Butler at 613-716-1688 or email her at catherine.butler [at]

Finally, if you’re working on an exhibit, you might want to reach out to our newest mentor, James Hare. Mr. Hare is an instructor in Algonquin College’s Applied Museum Studies program and has great expertise in photography and visual images, framing and more.


James Hare works in the Applied Museum Studies program at Algonquin College.

Contact him for help with:

• putting together a visually eye-catching exhibit

• tips on using images in your exhibit

• tips on finding the right images to illustrate your exhibit

• general tips on Exhibit assembly (the best adhesives for models, ideas for making your exhibit more dynamic, etc.)

You can reach Mr. Hare at harej [at]

National Capital History Day would like to thank all our academic mentors for their generous support of our students and teachers.

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